LCHF-Week Menu

I have experimented for a week by weighing / measuring my food.
My meals have been relatively strict. I do not eat breakfast for the simple reason that I'm rarely hungry before 12 o'clock.
I used a swedish sight to calculate the energy ratio for every day (this one).
Lunch: 140 g bacon, 1 can of whole mushrooms (about 170 g), 1 small onion, 2 leaves of lettuce, 4 cherry tomatoes
170 g bacon, 1/2 yellow onion, 1.5 cups cream
Cut the onion into bite sized pieces. Fry in butter until onion is soft. Turn on the cream and simmer until the cream thickens. Add salt and pepper.
Energy Percentage:
15% Protein
80% Fat
5% Carbohydrates
Lunch: 3 eggs, 1/2 tomato, 80 g grated cream cheese, 140g mushrooms, 2 lettuce leaves, 4 romanticatomater, 50g butter
Dinner: 140g bacon 150g butter fried wax beans
Energy Percentage:
14% Protein
83% Fat
3% Carbohydrates
Lunch: 3 eggs, 75g butter, 2 lettuce leaves, 4 cherry tomatoes, 6 slices of cucumber
Dinner: 200g sausage, fried in butter, 200g Brussels sprouts fried in butter, served with 75g butter
Energy Percentage:
11% Protein
84% Fat
5% Carbohydrates
 Lunch: 180g pepper, 200g creamed meat sauce, 30g cheese, 4 cherry tomatoes 2 lettuce leaves, cucumber
Dinner: 150g pork in bite, 1,25dl cream, 50 grams of mushrooms
Energy Percent (dissatisfied with the current distribution)
25% Protein
68% Fat
7% Carbohydrates
Lunch: 140g bacon, 150g broccoli, 70g butter
 Dinner: Sausage Stroganoff with vegetables
 Energy Percentage:
9% Protein
87% Fat
4% Carbohydrate
Lunch: 4st mortadellapizzor (used mortadella pizza bottom)
Dinner: 140g bacon, 70 g onion, 3 dl cream, grated zucchini
The energy percentage
20% Protein
73% Fat
7% Carbohydrates
Lunch: 4 eggs mashed approximately 70g butter
Dinner: 100g sausage, 50g onion, 2,5dl cream, 100g grated Butter Fried zucchini
The energy percentage
9% Protein
87% Fat
4% Carbohydrate